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Cleveland Homes on Lake Erie

If you are looking for Cleveland lake homes, obviously you will be thinking about Lake Erie.  Along with beautiful lakeshore scenery and excellent recreational opportunities like boating, fishing, and bird-watching, it boasts the warmest water temperature of all of the Great Lakes, and is the most biologically diverse.

Lake Erie is the 4th largest of the Great Lakes and 11th largest lake in the world. In spite of the vastness of this lake, opportunities for purchasing Lake Erie shoreline is limited.  Demand for lake homes and lakeshore real estate has skyrocketed in recent years.   It’s hard to find anything on the Ohio waterfront for less than $500,000. If you are lucky, you may be able to purchase tear-down listings. Lake homes along the shoreline of West Lake, Bay River, and Rocky River range from $750,000 to $6.5M.  According to the Cleveland MLS, there are  currently 91 single family homes for sale with Lake Erie waterfront views in Cuyahoga County(Average list price=$742,762).  An additional 49 single family waterfront homes are for sale in Lorain County(average list price+$512,365). Also, there are currently 197 condominiums with Lake Erie waterfront views in Cuyahoga County(average list price=$231,553.)  There are also an  additional 21 Lake Erie waterfront condominiums for sale in Lorain County(average list price=$309,590.) But don’t expect these numbers and prices to last.  Call us at (216) 403-3305 to take advantage of today’s relatively low lakefront prices and interest rates that are at an historic low.